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I'm just your typical around the way girl who shops too much, never shuts up and loves to travel the world. Nicki Inspired is a community for my fellow boss women who want to learn new things, build their brand and most of all get Inspired. I cannot promise you will read the most eloquently written posts but I can promise valuable content will be there. If you are ready to build your empire and enhance your life....all while having fun doing it; you have come to the right place.

Stick around; you won't regret it.

XO, Nicki

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An ongoing series of informational entries

Where to Begin?  |  The Dreaded 1st Post

April 04, 2019

I always knew I wanted to start a blog. For as long as I can remember I have been a "talker"; as my teachers used to put it. I was the kid with a report card that was both amazing and terrible all at the same time. I'm sure you just went "huh?", but let me explain. 

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Traveling  |  My First Love

April 10, 2019

Before my heart made room for "smelly boys"; as we referred to them when we were little; I already had a deep love living there. A love that to this day holds it's own special place in my heart. I have loved traveling since as long as I can remember. 

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30 Random Facts | About Me

April 16, 2019

  1. At this very moment I am 30 years 8 months and 7 days old lol
  2. ....I probably use lol too much
  3. I am a nerdy scientist and very much enjoy being in the laboratory
  4. My degrees are in biology and chemistry

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21 Affirmations | Entrepreneurs

April 26, 2019

I'm going to keep it short and sweet so you can get to the affirmations. Nicki not talking a lot... I know shocking lol. But I think it is important for those that believe in affirmations or people that are willing to give them a real shot to get right to it. 

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Wellness | The Matcha Shot

April 29, 2019

I know we are all looking for ways to get healthy, stay healthy and give our body the nutrients it needs. These days we hear about super foods everywhere. It seems like they are being pushed and sold like crazy; and often at a price. (A high one at that)

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Gift Guide | Mother's Day

May 04, 2019

It seems like this year is flying by. Can you believe it's already May...and furthermore can you believe Mother's Day is pretty much here? I'm typically a planner and don't let things sneak up on me. However; with so much going on...

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Gifts on a Budget | Last Minute Mother's Day

May 10, 2019

Now I know sometimes funds of tight or maybe you just waited to the very last minute to get a Mother's Day gift. No matter which of these apply to you I got your back. I am going to give you 5 super quick and budget friendly Mother's Day gifts that are ...

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Motivation Monday | the Call to Courage

May 13, 2019

This is something that I really want to share with all my Boss Babes. I am a firm believer in passing the vibe. I am and will always be the type of woman who shares what she learns. If something touches me, motivates, or elevates me you better believe...

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Matcha Cont'd | Benefits of Matcha

May 19, 2019

Matcha has sooooo many benefits so and I know all my Boos Babes have places to go and thing to do.....lets just hop right in to the 22 amazing benefits of Matcha!!! No need for chit chat y'all!


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Skincare | Secret Weapons pt. 1

May 31, 2019

Today I share my skincare secret weapons. It's no secret that I have not always had the most smooth skin. I suffered from breakouts on my cheeks and forehead. Honestly; I still have a few random pimples here and there but with my skincare secret weapons...

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Monday Motivation | Busy Busy Busy

June 10, 2019

My Brain has too many tabs open.

Who else feels this way from time to time?

I have been busy busy. Lots of projects going on, a million ideas popping into my mind, deadlines to meet, creative... 

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14 Habits | Successful Boss Babes

June 14, 2019

1.) She has a consistently establish routine

Establishing a routine allows you to create a habit of getting everything that you want to get done, done! Start off by writing down what your dream morning would look like and then do that all... 

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Money Saving | 6 Ways Boss Babes Save

June 21, 2019

Do you need some helpful ways to save some extra cash each month? I know all my fellow boss babes quickly said yes. You are in for such a treat. Even though saving money can be a major problem for most people...

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3 Skills for Successful Female Entrepreneurs

June 30, 2019

Skill # 1: Confidence

This one is the key to unlocking all the rest. Female entrepreneurs that are successful aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and promote their business every. single. day.

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Quick Message

Been MIA on the blog for a bit. Working on a lot and have some big things coming for you guys. Stay Tuned!!!!

P.S. In the meantime you can get this cute Boss Coffee Cup. Click shop the blog or the coffee photo to the left to get yours.

OK Beauty​ | Brand Review

August 03, 2020

OK Beauty's approach to beauty caught my attention and really got me thinking about beauty in a fresh new way. BEAUTY IS PRIMARILY HEALTH.

OK BEAUTY products take care of the health of skin and hair, combining effective care and instant improvement. 

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Brow Addictions​ | Brand Review

November 02, 2020

It's that fun time again y'all...I have tried and tested another brand that everyone is buzzing about. This time it's Brow Addictions. Now y'all know how important I feel brows are. You guys know on a typical day I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to makeup.

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Fall Skincare​ | TreCeuticals

November 03, 2020

"No one wants their skin as dry as leaves, which is why Fall marks the start of the aesthetic peel season, and now you can do this in the comfort of your own home, with TreCeuticals facial peels! As we transition to cooler weather, it's a good time to think about exfoliating the skin

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CBD Beauty | Phumula Skincare

November 06, 2020

Hello and happy Friday to all my gorgeous boss babes! Today I am bringing y'all a fun Friday find with this line of CBD infused skincare products. These day CBD is all the rage and we are finding it in so many products; including skincare. Well I found another brand for y'all that safely incorporates...

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5 Countries | Challenge

November 18, 2020

I recently was tagged in a challenge on Instagram... surprise surprise a challenge on Instagram lol. Now I know there seems to be a new challenge every other day, and if you are like me you probably roll yours eyes at most of them. This time this one was different. This challenge aligned with one of my favorite things

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Retainer Brite | Brand Review

November 28, 2020

Calling all Amazon Shoppers!!! I know; like me; many of you do a ton of shopping on Amazon. Today I wanted to let y'all know about an Amazon find I absolutely love and know you will too. I had the pleasure of testing out a product called Retainer Brite. Now I know this doesn't sound like the most glamourous review but

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Fashion Find | House Of Beauty Collections

November 30, 2020

Now y'all know I love shopping. So when I found this bomb boutique you know I had to share it. House of Beauty Collections has a wide range of hand made African Fashion. From dresses, skirts, jackets, and sets to swimwear, accessories, and fits for the whole fam. I love that House of Beauty offers a way to get back to 

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Brand Review | Curly Coiffure

December 11, 2020

 Hey y'all. Happy Friday and happy holidays! It is no secret that I was born and raised in Texas, and today I am proud to share the brand of another Texas Boss Babe. Curly Coiffure. Jennifer the owner of Curly Coiffure sent me a couple of products to try knowing I would love them...and she was right! But before we get 

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Product Review | Espresso Body Polish

January 21, 2021

I have the privilege of trying out Krazy Essential's Espresso Body Polish and am ready to give you all the details. Krazy Essentials' Espresso Body Polish provides a deep exfoliation with coffee grounds, brown sugar and moisturizing oils which will leave your skin restored and supple.

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Brand Review | Our Beautiful Crowns

February 05, 2021

New Brand Alert!

Y'all are in for a real treat with this one. I found an awesome high quality boutique and had the pleasure of partnering with them. And I think the timing could not be more perfect. All my boss babes that have been on the way to the top with me for a while know that I love supporting black owned businesses! 

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Brand Review | KOKO Plums Beauty

November 13, 2021

So it's time for me to spill the tea. My curls have been popping lately and you guys have noticed on social. I recently decided to give a new brand. I am so happy I gave it a try and my curls appear to be happy too. 

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