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Behind every great beauty is a bomb brow

 -Nicole Dawson

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November 02, 2020

It's that fun time again y'all...I have tried and tested another brand that everyone is buzzing about. This time it's Brow Addictions. Now y'all know how important I feel brows are. You guys know on a typical day I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to makeup. So when leaving the house; for say a quick Target run lol; if there is one piece of makeup I throw on it's on my brows. I'm just not leaving the house without them lol. I pretty much rank them the most important thing on the face, and sadly I wasn't blessed with beautiful thick brows. Many of us are on the struggle bus when it comes to brows but that doesn't stop us from faking it.

When I heard about Brow Addictions I went to their site to do my research and see what this kit everyone was loving was all about. I liked what I saw about the ingredients and being made in USA! I also saw a review by Gina B stating: "I naturally have really light eyebrows. I’ve always wondered what I could do to help them out. This kit has been a life saver! So easy and simple to use!! It helps enhance and darken my brows perfectly! I would recommend this to anyone! " and instantly could relate. My brows are naturally a bit light and thin and I have used countless powders and pencils to fill them in. Hearing about a kit that I could do myself at home and would count down on doing my brows everyday sounded great. But the true test of course was: Does it actually work? 

So lets dive into the details about this kit and my experience wit it.

Brow Addictions Highlights

- Long lasting eyebrow tint made 100% in the U.S.A.

- Lasts several weeks!

- PPD and Cruelty Free!

- Covers grey and enhances your natural color

- No Mixing and No Mess

- Easy to use

What the Kit Includes

- 2 Pre-filled pump bottles with 10 applications

- 1 Applicator Brush

- 10 Poly coated paper sheets

- Detailed Instructions

Getting Started

I chose their richest and darkest shade since I have black hair as recommended on the site. They have 3 shades to choose from and also recommend the darkest shade for those that like a dramatic look. 

When my kit arrived it looked exactly as it does on the site... beautiful packaging and will packed. I can appreciate that it shipped well and was packed securely. (y'all know I love beautiful packaging!)

The only that was left to do was put it to the test. Would it be as easy to apply as they claim? Would it last? And most importantly, would it even look nice? (obviously if it looked terrible I probably wouldn't want it to last and be stuck with it for long lol)

My Experience and The Final Verdict​

So to answer the first question: Would it be as easy to apply as they claim? 

Yes, the directions were pretty straight forward and were easy to follow. I was able to apply the tint without issue. I do recommend you have your brows prepped if you are someone that has a particular shape you like. (but not same days before you tint) If not and you are simply darkening your brows you can skip that step.

Would it last?

They make the claim that it "last for several weeks at a time!", and this is true. I am such a fan of anything that will last a while and remove a step from my routine for a while. Who doesn't want that Beyonce "I woke up like this" moment?!? To wake up with beautiful brows in the morning is everything and now possible with Brow Addictions! 

And last but not least did I like the results?

Yes, Yes and YES!

My brows turned out fabulous. Have you ever had one of those days where you look way to good to just stay in the house lol? Well that's how I felt. The world needed to see my beautiful brows. So naturally I pulled my hair back into a cute bun, threw on an outfit, a dash of mascara, grabbed my Neverfull, and picked up my sister. A fun day of Target shopping, lunch on the patio at our favorite spot, and of course ordering her a kit were inspired by my new brows.

All the hype was definitely true. Overall I give this kit a big fat thumbs up and recommend it. Check out my results and let me know if you love them (like and comment your thoughts >>> HERE<<<).

Head to their site and check it out y'all!

Check It Out

I hope y'all enjoyed hearing about Brow Addictions. But don't just take my word for it y'all...check them out yourself. Also stay tuned for an update as I continue to use this tinting kit and perfect my skills applying it. In the meantime stay bossy and blessed babes!

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