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3. Herbivore Botanicals: 

HYDRATE + GLOW Skincare Set

For deep moisture and gorgeous radiance, Hydrate + Glow Natural Skincare Collection is your complete skincare ritual in one full-size set. Featuring Pink Cloud Moisture Creme, Brighten Glow Mask, Phoenix Facial Oil, and Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist, this collection is formulated for all skin types but especially beneficial to dehydrated complexions.

Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist contains a truly natural base of organic Coconut Water, this facial mist is infused with naturally humectant Hibiscus Flower Extract and moisture-enhancing Rose Water to refresh and hydrate skin. Formulated for all skin types.

Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme hydrates and smoothes skin leaving it with a glowing and dewy finish. Includes Rosewater, Aloe Water, and White Tea Extract to moisturize, soothe and reduce the appearance of redness. Formulated for all skin types - never greasy, oily, or sticky. Perfect under make-up or worn alone to let your skin breathe.

Phoenix Facial Oil refreshes your skin with a blend of luxe botanical oils like a Phoenix being reborn from the ashes. Phoenix Facial Oil dramatically hydrates and revitalizes dry skin or any skin in need of replenishment and deep renewal.

Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask instantly boost skin's glow with Rice Powder and Pineapple Enzymes to smooth and brighten skin, plus micronized Brazilian Tourmaline gemstone to give a glowing complexion.

30 More facts about me

  1. I was on college website as the banner for STEM for 3 years before it finally came down (shout out to Dr. Miranda)

Loving these?

Here are 21 Bonus Affirmations for my fellow Boss Women

1. Whatever I can dream up for my business, I can achieve.

2. I've created the perfect business for myself.

3. This year I made £$_____. (Insert the amount you want to make in 2018 and get used to hearing yourself say it as if it's happened).

4. I deserve the finest life has to offer.

5. _______ is my most profitable month of 2018! (You can change the month each time).

6. My success encourages others to go after their dreams.

7. I lovingly forgive any past money mistakes to open myself up to receiving more.

8. I'm open and ready to attract everything I desire.

9. I love turning my creative ideas into money.

10. I’m proud of everything I’ve achieved so far.

11. I'm happy, successful and fulfilled.

12. Why is it so easy for me to get new clients?

(Let your brain keep coming up with ideas for this one. Our brains are like Google - ask it a question and it'll search for an answer. So don’t say: Why do I never have enough clients/money? Because it WILL give you an answer and it won’t feel very empowering.)

13. Incredible abundance is my chosen reality.

14. I use money to better my life and the life of others.

15. I have everything I want and need.

16. I have the power to attract money.

17. I deserve the money I make.

18. Money is pouring into my life from all directions.

19. I am worthy of success.

20. I have everything I want and need.

21. I love watching my business expand

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The 6 strategies will help you

to ensure your business model truly works for profit and also in your life

define your business structure to enable you to run it efficiently and profitably (think more time and more money!!)

understand why knowing your customer in depth will help skyrocket results. We then get to grips with your audience.

have confidence in growing on Instagram with my proven method that can help you gain around 1k followers per month. No spammy dodgy techniques, just the truth around how I grew my Insta!

create content that converts followers to customers

plan and organise your business


I took She Hustles Inc from zero to fulltime in 3 months using these strategies. My motto is to keep it simple and create a flow in your business. I wanted a structure that continually provided sales and profit. Every business is unique, but with my template, using marketing techniques that work, you can apply it to your business and start making a difference from today.

It took me ten years to pull all this information together. I wouldn’t call them failures, I prefer lessons. But I’ve taken the knocks so that you don’t have to!6 proven Downloads

I know how you are feeling, you don’t just want this business to succeed. You NEED it to succeed. You are so sick of just about being able to pay the bills, wondering if you can afford a holiday this year, stressing about where you can possibly get more money from. Another job? But you want this business to work so bad, and you know if you get another job there will be no time for the business and it will basically spell the end. Which then keeps you stuck in that unfulfilling job you REALLY don’t want to be in.

So you focus on your business. You have all good intentions of coming up with a plan. Okay so what’s next, let’s check on Google how we take that next step….. and there is now 384 articles telling us how to do things, all adding something new and different. Hang on I just wanted to post on Instagram, if I follow all these tips it will literally take up my entire day and leave no time for anything else!


I have been there, done it and bought (and sold) the T-shirt!! For ten years I run various side hustles and over this time I have worked out everything that truly makes a difference to your business. I have a set formula I used for She Hustles Inc and I’ve used it for over 30 businesses in the past 6 months. Each one that implemented the strategies has seen growth.. and that means one thing….


I decided I would shared 6 of my best strategies with others for free. I’m a believer in you give what you get so please take these strategies and let the universe send me some lovely good karma!!


Is there a cost for this product?

No it’s totally free. Let’s be honest, you could spend the next three months trawling the internet and get all the information that’s in this guide, but I’ll just save you the time and the hassle by giving it you for free all in one go. Now you can spend the next 3 months building your business instead of Googling everything!!

Will it work for any business?

Yes! I’m a believer in teaching you how I do things so you can then do the same for your business. I will help you understand how to research and where to invest your time. I don’t just spoon feed you specifically what to do so you have no understanding why you’re even doing it. I want to empower you to succeed long term. These strategies will work indefinitely.

What format is the download?

The 6 strategies are each outlined in a PDF document. Once you have entered your email address you will be directed to a page where you can download a single document. Save this document as each of the 6 strategies are linked on it. I have done them as PDF documents so you can print it, write on it, have it as a reference and go quickly and easily to the section you need.

How in-depth is the guide?

The strategies are over 34 A4 pages so pretty in-depth!!

What if I have any questions?

Feel free to get in touch – click here!