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Busy is a drug a lot of people are addicted to

-Rob Bell

BTW this fun mug is available <<HERE>> so cute!

BTW this fun mug is available <<HERE>> if you like it 

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June 10, 2019

My Brain has too many tabs open.

Who else feels this way from time to time? 

I have been busy busy. Lots of projects going on, a million ideas popping into my mind, deadlines to meet, creative juices flowing ...the list goes on and on. All of this is great; but if this is you I am sure it also drives you as crazy as it does me. Every now and then I have to stop and actively get myself back in the groove.

I am sure you are thinking "share girl" and wondering what I do to get through this madness. And of course I got you. You know I would never leave a fellow Boss Babe hanging. 

Here are 5 tips to help when your brain has too many tabs open:

  1. BreatheConsciously stop and take a deep breath. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do it again. Now focus on breathing in and out solely through your nose - breathe in for four (count 1-2-3-4) and breathe out for four. Do it again, and again. Now resume normal breathing. Deep breathing has a multitude of health benefits but, when it comes to the brain, consciously taking a breathe simply allows time to pause. And when you purposefully pause you create an opportunity to clear your mind and direct your concentration. Also your brain gets nice big boosts of O2!
  2. Meditate: I know... easier said than done! For many us; this is the time we feel the affects of too many tabs open the most.

    Try a 1 minute meditation. I know that does not sound like much but you would be surprised by the impact it can have. Set the timer and sit still, and in silence, for a full 60 seconds (my tip: breathing helps pass the time!). I have been doing this for years with the Breathe app on my Apple iwatch. You can set it for anywhere between 1-5 minutes and even set reminders to ask you to do these breathing exercises throughout the day. With 1440 minutes in a day - your brain deserves at least 1 minute!

    *Also I recently learned about the Smiling Mind app. If you are looking for more than a minute of zen check it out.

  3. Get Moving: There are so many health benefits that being physically active can have on both our bodies and our brains. I'm no bodybuilder or professional athlete but I know there is power in getting physical. You don’t have to get all dressed and put on the latest gear and flyest exercise fit, just move in some way. Stand up from your desk and stretch, walk outside (maybe try a 1 meditation in the fresh air!), or plan to do your favorite exercise (run, bike, yoga, pilates, crossfit etc).

    Movement distracts you from over thinking and gives your brain the energy to deal with the tabs.

  4. Make Friends: Consider the tabs your frenemies. The key to maintaining this friendship is self-care. So first and foremost you need make friends with yourself! Take a moment to send some love and kindness in your direction. Some don’ts: avoid opening more tabs (you do NOT need them); try not to let your stomach control your brain (hangry is real y'all!); and say no to the naughty stuff (it is tempting to pop a sleeping pill or down a bottle of wine in one sitting in an attempt to distract yourself from the tabs, but, ultimately, these are not good self-care options). My final friendship strategy: which is also kink of tip 5:
  5. Digital detox: In today’s modern world we are constantly bombarded with information via multiple devices, and our communication habits don't usually have an off switch. Remember, technology is where the saying ‘my brain has too many tabs open’ came from in the first place! Now, I am pro-tech (my to-do list and calendar, aka my entire life, is stylishly managed via my iPhone) but I am also a big fan of the digital detox. By digital detox I mean no TV, no laptop, no cell phone etc. When it comes to too many tabs, pressing the escape button is my #1 tip! Try to ‘switch off’ (for at least a few hours at a time.... if not much much more if possible). The detox will allow you some white space to process the jungle of content in your brain, and hopefully lessen the addiction to being busy.

Hope you try these the next time your brain has too many tabs open. 

Oh and I think we should go in depth on the subject of meditation soon. Stay tuned!

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