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August 03, 2020

You guys know I love trying new things and introducing y'all to new brands.Today I am here to discuss a brand called OK BEAUTY. OK BEAUTY's approach to beauty caught my attention and really got me thinking about beauty in a fresh new way. BEAUTY IS PRIMARILY HEALTH. OK BEAUTY products take care of the health of skin and hair, combining effective care and instant improvement. And let me tell you; I was blown away by some of the instant changes I saw. Lets just dive right in to each of the products I received and my thoughts on them.


Still dreaming of pulp and juicy lips? OK Beauty tinted lip balm will grant your wish! In order to be a unique caring product, it gently moisturizes your lips and also creates a natural-looking volumizing effect. Beside the aforesaid, the balm is also an excellent base for makeup.

Honest thoughts: The first thing I noticed was how nice the color looked on my lips. I was nervous initially because not all pinks look good on darker skin tones but this pink really seems like the type that will look natural on all tones. It's a nice light tint that adds a little color/life to the lips. I also liked that unlike other lip plumpers I have used in the past it did not burn. My lips tingled and slowly plumped up to a fuller lip. The last thing I noted is that my lips did not have that dry feeling after use that sometimes happens with plumpers.


Shine brighter than a sun with shimmering Body Lotion Flash & Care! Enriched with the Californian jojoba, avocado and other herbal oils it moisturizes the skin, hides any imperfections and provides a long-lasting satin touch. Golden microparticles create beautiful flickering effect and light bronze tan as you’ve just sunbathing on the seashore.

Honest thoughts: This was probably one of my favorites. I was surprised by the first pump. I was expecting it to be a white creamy color but it was a beautiful golden shimmery color. It gave my skin the nicest sun kissed glow. I immediately knew I this is something I am going to be wearing all summer long. The bonus is how nice it also smells! I liked that I not only looked but I also smelled yummy.


Revive your skin with Smooth & Tone Up Oil Body Scrub! This unique skin-care product with a teasing citrus scent perks up an exhausted skin, fills it with energy, gifts an immense softness. Japanese matcha tea, enriched in caffeine and vitamins A, B, C and K, tones up the skin, makes a slight lifting effect and generously moisturizes it.

Honest thoughts: All of their scrubs smell like heaven. I love a good smelling scrub. While I feel with continued use I will see even more changes in my skin I did notice some effects right away. My skin had a fresh, clean, moisturized, and awake feeling (if that makes sense).

I like that all of their scrubs have a good balance of oil and sugar... not too much oil to where you don't get a good scrub or too little and you can't spread/rub it well.


Leave your worries outside the bathroom with Smooth & Care Body Scrub! Its sugary texture with charming scent of rose petals and ripe cherry moisturizes your skin in first seconds, makes it soft and smooth. Salt of the Adriatic Sea gently exfoliates dead skin cells, sweet Almond Oil provides a calming effect and Vegetable Squalene protects it from an aggressive urban environment. Use the scrub on daily basis, smell like candy and be proud of a glowing satin skin.

Honest thoughts: As mentioned before all of their scrubs have an amazing smell and oil to sugar ratio. This scrub was the most moisturizing of the three. This scrubs focus is to smooth and it left me the softest of all the scrubs. The oils used in this scrub smoothed into my skin in such a silky way and left it so moisturized all day.


With Cool & Firm Oil Scrub your dreams about a perfect slim body will come true! Magnesium sulfate, also known as Epsom salt, relaxes muscles and provides a detox effect, modelling the outlines of your body. Beside the visual losing in weight, you will also feel refreshed because of the cooling touch the scrub has. Use it few times in a week and after the workout to release the tension.

Honest thoughts: This scrub is no exception to having a yummy smell and great oil to sugar balance as mentioned before. While I did not notice as as immediate difference than the other scrubs aside from it feeling cool. The cooling feeling is nice. As for the slimming effect I imagine it would be more apparent with continued use. I am most excited to use the Cool & Firm scrub and update y'all on the longer term results. 

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I hope y'all enjoyed hearing about OK Beauty. But don't just take my word for it y'all...check them out yourself. Also stay tuned for an update as I continue to use all of these OK Beauty products and see long term differences. In the meantime stay bossy and blessed babes!

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