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14 Habits of Successful Boss Babes

June 14, 2019

1.) She has a consistently establish routine

Establishing a routine allows you to create a habit of getting everything that you want to get done, done! Start off by writing down what your dream morning would look like and then do that all the way to your evening routine. Put all the details that you see your “future self” accomplishing throughout her days onto paper. After you have it all written down, try to follow it day by day. The first few days will be hard but after a while, it will become a habit. And this brings me to the next habit:

2.) She loves lists

If you want to slay at your goals and be a successful girl boss then my next piece of advice is to make sure that you have a notebook or notepad. Take the time to write out every little thing that you want to accomplish and get done. Find a cute notebook that is convenient for you to take with you on the daily and get in the habit of writing in it everyday. Be super meticulous and this will really help you stay on track with everything you want to accomplish.

And I don't know about you but I find it super rewarding to check off the tangible things I get done. Talk about a Boss feeling!!!

3.) She invest in herself

She prioritizes education above all else. This can mean college, online courses, seminars, trips to the library, research online, or speaking with mentors and veterans in the the field, etc. A successful women believes in the power of knowledge and she is aware that she needs to be educated to be competitive whether in day-to-day life or business. She never stop learning new things and strives to be the smartest version of herself.

4.) She accepts challenges

Successful women are always up for a good challenge and loves to challenge herself. She knows how to set realistic goals and then pushes them a little higher. A successful boss woman knows that it will benefit her in the long run and her achievements make her trust herself more.

5.) She knows being healthy doesn’t mean being skinny

She puts being healthy above being skinny. She knows that all the perfectly photo shopped bodies and filtered faces is just a distraction to her goals and yes, she accepts her own body 100%. She is not worried nor affected by what other says about her. Her focus is on taking care of the inside more than the outside.

6.) She carry herself well

Have you seen or met a successful women who always look put together? Seems like she slays every outfit that she wears? She always seems to have it all together. That’s because she knows that having a healthy body and keeping herself up is the key to achieve optimum productivity in everything. She knows how to escape reality and take time to catch some “me time” to relieve stress. Which brings me to the next habit:

”Behind every successful women is herself”

7.) She consistently get R & R

Over the years I have met many busy working women. One thing that I know is that many of them don’t get enough rest or take care of themselves. The most important thing for overall success is to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself like getting a good night’s sleep, making sure you’re eating regularly and drinking lots of water and stimulating your mind in other ways other than work is so important. It sounds basic but when you’re laser-focused you kind of forget to take care of you! So just make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

8.) She fights the guilt

It is normal for us women to feel guilty at times. When we choose to stay at home when were sick but we should be at work instead, when we set boundaries and tell people no, when decide to be selfish and take much needed time to ourselves... the list goes on and on. We feel guilty for so many reasons but a successful women takes charge of it. She is aware that her emotions can overtake her decisions so she fights hard no matter what.

9.) She’s financially stable

Successful women know how to handle her finances. She understands that every cent is something she works hard for every single day. She acknowledges that money is one of the important areas of her life even it is daunting and stressful at times. She knows where her money goes and where to spend it for greatest benefit.

"Don’t be a women who needs a man. Be a women a man needs."

10.) She smiles because she’s grateful

Do you even realize how beautiful you look when you smile? How good does it feel? It actually feels so good! (Also smile lines are much cuter than frown lines when you get older lol)  So try fighting the resting "bish" face. (I am so guilty of this one) I challenge you to smile today – have fun, crack a joke, be silly you deserve to laugh out loud, sis! And please, try to smile at a stranger today...who knows they might throw you a smile back? 

Successful women understand the power of being grateful and as a result; smiling to herself or even to other people; doesn’t exert a single effort.

11.) She creates her own rules

Successful women know that work is not everything. She knows she has a lot to offer to the world, her family and loved ones. She understands that though she works like a boss it does not mean she needs to give up her social life and personal time off. She creates her own rules and knows she can balance and have it ALL!

12.) She wholeheartedly celebrates her wins: big or small

Successful Boss Babes give 100%. She acknowledges that she is working her butt off to reach a goal and does not give up when things are not going her way. She knows that there is a lesson in every mistake and joy in every win. She jumps out of excitement on wins big or small because she knows that her effort deserves to be celebrated. 

She motivates herself to achieve more and improve.

"Even when no one claps for you; learn how to clap for your self"

13.) She’s a bad-ass

Successful women know that along the way to success she will be confronted by so many lies, betrayal, heartache and pain – but she will fight through them. She’s unstoppable and never lets anyone get in the way of getting what she works hard for. She fights for her rights. She knows what she deserves and she chooses the right people.

14.) She has a big heart

"You get what you give." This is something that is heard often and Boss Babes know this is undeniably true. The universe has a funny way of showing this. Successful women know how to give back to the people who helped her through her way, and knows that giving to others in general is not only good for the world but also for her karma. She knows the right people to lift up and she doesn’t ask anything for return. Contributing towards creating a world full of Bosses and seeing everyone win is always on her agenda. 

"There is room for everyone to excel. We can all 'eat'."

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